Board & Staff

Neil Gaiman – President of the Board

Holly Gaiman – Trustee and Executive Director

Amanda Palmer – Trustee

Michael Gaiman – Trustee

Madeleine Gaiman – Trustee


About the President of the Board:

Neil Gaiman is an award winning best selling author. He has advocated for freedom of speech in popular culture for many years, particularly through his work with the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Gaiman recently became involved in the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, where he has had the opportunity to advocate for basic human needs. He is proud to use his influence for the greater good.

About the Executive Director:  

Holly Gaiman completed an MS in Nonprofit Management and Philanthropy in October 2015. She has a previous MA in Media, Culture and Communication. She has spent several years developing her skills as an effective proponent for change through the philanthropic sector and trained through Exponent Philanthropy as a Next Gen Fellow. Her personal areas of passion include sanitation, queer and trans, gender, economic, and racial justice issues. Gaiman is also a couture milliner, whose work can be found at