Founded in 2012, the Gaiman Foundation supports a range of causes, particularly those to do with free speech and the arts.

The Gaiman Foundation is a family foundation, and Mr. Gaiman’s wife and three adult children also sit on the board of trustees. The foundation serves a two-fold purpose: to support freedom of speech, the written word, popular culture, and the arts, and to benefit other good causes supported by the board.

The Gaiman Foundation was created to provide grants to selected charitable and educational organizations that have demonstrated dedication and excellence in their respective missions.  Designed to continue in perpetuity, the foundation was seeded with the money won in a court case against Todd McFarlane and Image Comics.

The Gaiman Foundation is in a financial capacity building process, and is currently only accepting grant applications by invitation.

The Gaiman Foundation is a 501(c)3 registered in California.

The Gaiman Foundation is a member of Exponent Philanthropy, formerly The Association of Small Foundations.